jueves, 16 de agosto de 2007

Spanish culture ...?

For those who don't know Spain and it's folkloric culture... Every year, a myriad of stupid singers/bands with their terrible songs compete to be "la canción del verano" (The song of the Summer).
One of the most famous ones in the rest of the world was "La Macarena", I'm sure you've all danced it. If you think that it's hideous, you haven't heard the others.

Just for the fun, check the last one, "Micromanía" from Tata Golosa. If you don't get the lyrics, it's not because of your poor Spanish level, believe me, it just doesn't make any sense, it's just about some sexy? references in complete disorder and girls shaking their bums.
Enjoy it or not...

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nils dijo...

that's amazingly horrible music